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We Offer SHOUTcast streaming with Unlimited Bandwidth On All Plans. 

All streams with AUTO DJ come with a FREE web hosting package,with unlimted space and bandwidth.

So what ever you need SHOUTCAST - ICECAST - WEB HOSTING - SHOUTCAST RESELL OR WEB HOSTING RESELL. Shoutcast Services can supply at a great price.

Great Hosting               Worldwide

With UK support.

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We offer a 7 day free trial of our SHOUTcast services so you can give us try before you buy. Our free trial offers a good bitrate stream for you to test us out and get to grips with the control panel. 

Shoutcast reseller allows you to deploy radio stations to our servers and then you can sell them stations to your users. Each station you sell gets a private login for your end user to manage their online radio station. Again, with a minimum bitrate of 128 KBPS

Our SHOUTcast radio streaming servers based in Europe offer the best for our United Kingdom and International internet radio clients.

All our reseller plans can be upgraded as your busness grows, so you are never paying extra for what you do not need.


Unlimited Bandwidth

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